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Submitted on
April 17, 2004
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I bought some more smack, tonight. Ah, man. It wasn't too cheap, either. But, it'll be worth it. I can feel it. He said that this shit is the best. It better be.

Just cooked some. Shot it up. Did a little back track. Felt really good.

This is the best stuff I've gotten in a long time. Shit. All I need now is my little Jane. She's all I have in this world. God, she's so beautiful, too. I love everything about her. Her blue eyes, and her long black hair. I can smell her hair, now. I'm going to her apartment.

Where the fuck is Jane? Why does she want to leave me alone like this! Doesn't she know that she's all I have! Doesn't she know that I love her? Jane...I need you... God, bitch. Don't you know that I need you here with me, always?

Just cooked some. Shot it up. Did a little back track. Felt really good.

I found my lovely Jane. I found her out in the hall. We went inside. God, she's so slender. I can't believe I'm with this girl. She's amazing. I love to kiss her neck. I love to kiss her breasts. I love to kiss her stomach. I...I just love her. I love to take her shirt off. She makes me feel so free.

Jane? Why the fuck won't you let me do this? You've liked it before. No, I won't pay you, Jane. You're my love. You're my everything! I will never pay you! I will never, Jane. Never. Why am I hitting you, Jane?? Why? Because you're a whore, Jane. I've always hated you. Oh. Now you're going to call the cops, Jane. You're such a cunt, Jane. You know that. You are such a cunt.

Cut up some. Snorted it up. Nose bled. Felt really good.

Oh man. Jane I love you. Why...why are crying? Jane, you know you are my everything. You know this, Jane. I'll sing your favorite song, Jane. I'll sing it. 'One more dance with Mary Jane. Mmmone more chance to kill the pain'. Your face is bleeding, Jane. Here, let me help you.

Put your hands up where I can see them!

Who are these people, Jane?! Why do they have guns?! Are they your friends Jane?! Ow! They're on my back! They're crushing me, Jane! Why are they hurting me Jane?! Why?! Why are you crying, Jane? Where am I going, Jane? Where?!

What the fuck happened. Why am I in jail? This is the fourth time in the past three months. I could go for some of that smack right about now.

God, I miss my Jane. You know, she's all I have in this world. I can smell her hair, now.
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about the pic:
from ~miseriacantre's gallery. the only thing i did was make it smaller, and mess with the contrast and such. thanks so much for letting me use it and letting me edit it! <33

about the piece:
again with one of my favorite subjects...herion and cocaine...mostly herion. um, keep in mind: the spaces between paragraphs is amounts of time. it could be a hour or a couple minutes. that's what you decide. <3 and of course requiem for a dream was a huge inspiration for this.

I really loved this...I REALLY REALLY loved this. Very good job.
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